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Star Breaker is my entry into the Search For A Star competition for 2017. You control a space ship and the goal is to destroy as many comets as possible in the time limit. Avoid taking damage, collect the minerals that are dropped for score and see if you can earn a spot on the online leaderboard.


There are 2 gamemodes in Start Breaker: Tutorial, and the main 'Arcade' mode.

In the Tutorial level you will learn how to fly the space ship by completing a course as fast as possible. If you hit all 88 rings your score will be submit to the online leaderboard. How fast can you complete the course?

In the main Arcade mode you have a set time in which to cause as much destruction as you can. When destroyed comets will drop one of three minerals:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

These are worth different amound of points each so shoot as many as you can, head for the most valuable minerals first, and see how much score you can rack up in the time limit!

Watch those comets though! They're attracted through gravity and when they collide they combine. Big clusters can get stuck in orbit and offer a high risk/high reward situation:

Destroy the cluster and you're in the big score. Get hit by the cluster and it's game over!


The game feature full mouse/keyboard control and almost complete game pad input*

  • Thrust - W, Up Arrow, RT
  • Brake - S, Down Arrow, LT
  • Bank Left - A, Left Arrow, Left Thumb Stick
  • Bank Right - D, Right Arrow, Left Thumb Stick
  • Rotate Camera - Right Mouse, Right Thumb Stick
  • Pause - Start

*Certain menu's can't be navigated by game pad alone. All game play has complete game pad support.


  • Fast Gameplay
  • Tutorial Level
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Online Leaderboard for 2 game modes
  • Game Options Menu
  • Partial gamepad support (Some menus aren't plugged-in, all gameplay is)

My repo can be accessed at:


There is also full documentation for the source code that can be accessed at:


The Unity project is available for download at my website, so if anyone wants it drop me an email at dale_green_1994@hotmail.co.uk.


Star Breaker 18 MB

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